Kontribusi Pendidikan Islam dalam Membentuk Kepribadian Manusia

Nugroho, Muhammad Aji (2012) Kontribusi Pendidikan Islam dalam Membentuk Kepribadian Manusia. MUDARRISA, VOL. 4 (NO. 2). ISSN 2085-2061

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Islamic education is a tool used by people to survive as individual or society, to achieve objective of live based on Islamic rules. But recently, people ask about Islam and its education with Islam rah}matan lil‘a>lami>n. The religion which laden of violence, linked to some cases of riot and the doer were obedient Moslems. Is Islam by its education mold a person awkward, conservative, and difficult to actualize their selves, who were not recognized the distinction of their neighborhood? Islamic education is education as phenomenon of per formative Islamic culture which can analyzed based on two perspectives, conceptual-theoretic and applicative- practice. The first, transmit to explanation of notion, aim of Islamic education (al-Qur’an, hadits, and the other Islamic law sources as the foundation). The second, Islamic education is explained, applied and realized in human live. Based on the two, we can conclude that Islamic education is not only “normative-theoretic” concept, but also “historical-sociological”. This straightens is necessary to avoid inappropriate pertaining meaning with Islamic education’s rules, to avoid irrelevant culture in this modern live. In other words, Islamic education brings Islamic’s role sh}o>lih likulli za>man wa makan, and avoid Moslems from soul sickness because of their obligatory activities as a Mukmin.

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